Welcome everyone!

Djenny Floro

Crypto-enthusiast Writer

I am a writer looking for innovation that can make a difference for all her fellow writers!


So many audiences, so many spaces, let's unite.

Steem & webnovel to finance my writings & projects, local library readers, friends, family, and people I've been in contact all over the world through discord, guilds in some games, and ICQ (for some our relation is that old!) and even real life... that's as many canals as I have to communicate into... and there's a wide range of languages too, thankfully, mostly English and French! 

That's why I'm creating this website. I need it as an index for people of all venues to know what's it's about, and what it's about! Also, some things just have nowhere else to be written, such as short posts without crafty images and the like, which are just short news, and some things that must be conveyed to everyone regardless of their allergy to cryptocurrencies!

Steemians: you can help me greatly by delegating 1 steem power to djenny.floro.

Look at Index to see my posts on Steem!

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