About Steem


Steem is quite the battlefield when you begin, and for an author looking for ways to fund her writings, it's even more difficult. But: it's a challenge. 

Know what? Challenge accepted!

I will strive on Steemit, and prove that authors can be cured on Steemit and that the work of a book author is valuable enough to be a good subject for a steem blog!

If you have come from steem, my main account is djennyfloro and my donation account is djenny.floro this second account has some posts, but that's because they were wrote before this became my donation account.

djenny.floro is set to upvote me, so if you'd like to make a "long-term donation" please consider to delegate some steem power to it. Even a 1 steem power donation is a very welcome help, I appreciate all gestures!

© 2019 Writing Index of Djenny Floro. All rights reserved.
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