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Why is my blog not on this website? 

There are several reasons, the first and foremost is to allow people to support me via voting. Voting for me is free on the user's side, and allow me to receive some steem which is a cryptocurrency. At the moment, it's not much (1$ by post or slightly under) but by all means, it is going to grow, I am doing my best for that.

The second reason is that there's a community there who can support my projects, be that Ark Tribe, Novel for All, or my writings. It's a participative platform and gives me some financial support for my endeavors & life in general.


Posts that I'd like to give exposure to!

Self-Improvement is Not an Option, But a Necessity...

To upvote it: contact the author, and ask him to make a comment, then upvote his comment. Because it's more than 7 days old!

Informative posts

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First Steps in Steemit.

Posted three years ago, it's a presentation of myself to the community.

Help requested, steem power incorrect

Could be called "I am a new who didn't get right how it works" because it was all me in the end, things were correct, just that I didn't know how the hell it worked... I was confused!

A busy Sunday too...

Some random information.

Monthly Report Post

It turned out not to be so monthly in the end.

Not dead, Project alive too!

Be assured, I am really alive, I was just busy.

Preparations for newsletter!

Turns out not so many people saw it, so it's been widely missed.

Steem Index (to sort out my posts) & News

Where I say that this website exists, and explain why I have 2 accounts.

Ark Tribe posts

Ark Tribe - Presentation

Presentation of the Ark Tribe project in depth.

What Does Ark Tribe Do?

A post that explained what the community of Ark Tribe was doing at that time.

Ark Tribe: Bounty for an illustration

The bounty program is no longer valid, stay informed for more about this all.

Ark Tribe choice of Game Maker Studio

My explanation about the choice we made as a tool to make the game prototype.

Feminism, Homosexuality, Ark Tribe's position

This post was an answer to people's questions about what we think of those subjects.

Our titles on Wattpad

The website has been put on-hold in wait for a proper budget.

Reaiming the Ark Tribe Project

Some explanations about the Ark Tribe project, and a more digest version of its presentation.

Ark Cryptocurrency posts

Ark Community Improvement Proposal 01

An attempt to make a proposal for Community tools improvements which failed.

Justin Launches Unofficial Committee for Community Collaboration - All Skillsets Welcome

Posted on behalf of Justin from the Ark Community Committee.

Friends' posts

An introduction

Michaias' introduction. I am unsure if he will ever come back to life, but I'll support him big time if he does!


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